Especially interested in Evolutionary Theory as Master theory, Interactionist Relationism versus Methodological Individualism, Praxeology after the Linguistic-Pragmatic Turn, Conceptions of Freedom, SOCIETY, ECONOMY, THESES. So basically almost everything is of top tier interest.

Perhaps these can enter the picture too:

1. Mediation/ specifically Mass Media Theory/ Network Effects as related to decentralization of society, even beyond social media. My conviction is that the blockchain-based Metaverse is the 8th mass media after the seven conventionally recognized ones: Print (1450), Recordings (1877), Cinema (1900), Radio (1910), Television (1925) Internet (1990), Mobile Phones (2000). The Metaverse’s potential for decentralization of social/ financial/ political systems. What comes after Sarnoff/Metcalfe/Reed’s Laws of network effects?

2. Urbanism/Architecture’s contribution to freedom (spun from points you made in your UFM lecture)

3. Appendices/Case studies of libertarian startup societies/cities and Metaverse DAOs

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Regarding title…

My #1 favorite:

Markets and Discourses - A Theory of World Society’s Best Future


It’s the most accessible and least text bookish. I think it will garner wider readership.

#2 favorite:

Markets and Discourses - A Philosophy in Defence of a Radical Stateless Capitalism


IMO this would appeal to a radical niche reader aligned with your libertarian values.

#3 current title:

For reasons I discussed with you before, I think the west (at least the US) lost its’ appetite for a libertarian “revolution” following January 6 capital building attack by Q-Anon radicals.

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